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5 Best Vocal Remover Software

I’ve had my fair share of karaoke events ruined thanks to a poorly separated audio track. This is an issue that many encounter when trying to separate vocals from an instrumental track via online software – there tend to be some spots that have been missed. You need high-quality vocal remover software to ensure that even the smallest bits of vocals are completely removed from the track.

That’s where our top five list of vocal remover software comes in handy. Each program on our list is guaranteed well-made and offers some of the best vocal removal in the industry. Many of the programs are used by professionals with incredible added features for post-production and content creation. Other products are completely free to use for even the amateur like me looking to set up a fun karaoke night with friends.

  1. EasySplitter
  2. VocalRemover
  3. RX 8
  4. AI Vocal Remover
  5. AudioAlter

Our Top 5 Picks

Here are my five favorite vocal remover programs. Each option on this list has proven to be high quality and well-made and offers some exciting features that can get your music career started!

1. EasySplitter

In the music industry, we’re constantly on the go and so there’s a clear need for a vocal splitter that offers mobile access. EasySplitter is one of the best vocal remover online that offers an online program as well as a phone version so that you can start splitting on the run. This in-depth instrumental remover offers online access, even when you’re not at home.

Specs and Features

The mobile app is one of the best features for me of this program. You’re getting all of the services offered on the website but placed in the palm of your hand. You can mix and match audios, remove tracks, boost others, and produce on the run.

The pricing options for EasySplitter are unique as well. You can either pay per song – prices vary based on the level you want to pay for – or you can subscribe for constant access! The higher level you subscribe to, the more features become available. You’re looking at prices from $5.99 per month for the basic package, to $305 per year for the vocal remover pro package.

EasySplitter makes vocal removal simple for anyone pressed for time. There have been plenty of times where I’m running late to a production meeting and still not finished with my work. With the EasySplitter mobile app, your commute can become your office!


While the mobile app is clearly my favorite feature, there are countless exciting options available to everyone who uses the program. From seamless vocal removal to some of the best sound mixing I’ve seen, EasySplitter has it all in a neat package for you. Sign up today and start splitting tracks from your favorite songs, or even mix your own! It’s perfect for singers, DJs, karaoke makers, and so much more.


✔️ A well-made mobile app for iOS and Android
✔️ Low prices for great services and Subscriptions available 
✔️ Mix audios and remove tracks on the run
✔️ Fast processing speed
✔️ Files History


❌ Not as detailed as the RX 8, but a fantastic professional program regardless and much cheaper price


The main issue with online vocal removers is that they present users with an either, or situation. You either get the vocals or the instrumental track. With Vocal Remover, you get the entire song! This is easily one of the best features of this online vocal remover. The ability to store and save both the vocals and the instrumentals opens up a world of options for you.

Specs and Features

My favorite feature of this vocal separation service is the simplicity. Many of the best vocal removers online offer complex services that get into the details and thin out the process. With VocalRemover, all you have to do is drag and drop and the song is easily split.

For such a low price – $7.99 for the base package, $19.99 for the regular package, and $59.99 for the pro package – you’re getting a massive bang for your buck. I love the artificial intelligence’s ability to seamlessly split vocal tracks from the instrumental and so will you.

Many vocal remover apps online tend to leave hints of one track in the other, even after you’ve completely separated the tracks. With VocalRemover, the separation is complete and thorough.


If you’re looking for a fantastic vocal remover app that offers a simple process with thorough results, then VocalRemover is the program for you. They offer some of the best separation software available via their fantastic AI programming. Any song that you enter can easily be separated and saved for future use. Though you’re not getting into the weeds and details that other vocal separation services offer, you are getting quality unmatched for a great price.


✔️Affordable price for quality service
✔️ Offers you both the vocal track and instrumentals 
✔️ Fast results in less than a minute


❌ Not as detailed as other apps

3. Izotope RX 8

It’s not just about separating the vocals with this fantastic program. If you need a rebalance, recovery, or de-noising, then RX 8 is a program that I highly recommend looking into. Not only will you learn how to remove vocals from a song, but you’ll get a thorough understanding of remixing, post-production, and even content creation.

Specs and Features

What stood out for me with this program was the extensive list of features. While mp3 vocal remover programs like VocalRemover offer a simple process and quality results, they are limited in available extra features. RX 8 is so much more than your typical online vocal remover.

With all of the features that are offered, it should come as no surprise that this is significantly pricier than VocalRemover. RX 8 is professional software that enables users to not only separate vocals from instrumentals, but also create and produce their music. This program ranges from $129-$1,199 for the full package.

This is as detailed as you can get! I absolutely adore the depth at which you can work with RX 8 as it offers “surgical noise removal.” This feature ensures that even the softest bump will be removed from the track you’re looking to separate.


Whether you’re looking to remove vocals from any song or to produce your music, RX 8 has you covered. It’s one of the most detailed programs online and offers some of the best custom production elements I’ve seen. Though it’s not nearly as simple as VocalRemover, RX 8 is designed for the professional looking to expand their knowledge of music production at their own pace.


✔️ Surgical noise removal is one of the most precise vocal removers available
✔️ Offers post-production and content creation tools 
✔️ One of the most detailed programs available online


❌ Expensive, but well worth the cost

4. AI Vocal Remover

A good chunk of users searching for the best vocal remover online to remove vocals from a song aren’t looking to spend too much money. With the AI Vocal Remover, you don’t have to spend any! This service is completely free and is still able to rival even the best programs online. You’re getting a trained AI that can detect and remove even the smallest details.

Specs and Features

I love the quality of this AI. For a free product, I was astonished at how well-made the AI was and how thorough it could be. This is a fantastic karaoke maker as anyone can separate vocals from music online so that they have access to the instrumentals only. While other products offer more, this is an amazing starter product for anyone just looking for the instrumentals to a song.

As I mentioned, pricing is pretty decent on this product. Free. It’s completely free. All of the features, the quality AI software, and any technical support is completely free.

If you’re looking for a program that allows you to split the vocals off of a track so that the instrumentals are yours to do with as you please, then this is the vocal remover software for you. It’s free for everyone without any subscription plans. It’s easily the best bang for your buck out there.


You can get some of the best vocal removal software for free and have whatever song you want to be split in a matter of seconds. In 15 seconds, the well-taught AI can completely remove vocals from a track so that you have the perfect karaoke file. Store and save these instrumentals for personal use whenever you need them. AI Vocal Remover is the perfect software for anyone without a budget.


✔️ Completely free to use
✔️ AI is well-made and surprisingly thorough 
✔️ Offers a simple drag and drop process


❌ A very basic software without too many added features

5. AudioAlter

Much like AI Vocal Remover, AudioAlter is another fantastic free program that enables anyone to removal vocals from their favorite songs. The main difference between this product and the AI Vocal Remover is the number of extra features offered. I was shocked at how much AudioAlter had available.

Specs and Features

The added features were easily my favorite aspect of this program. Users could easily navigate through the software’s many different audio options to find the perfect one for their needs. Though the quality might not be as high as the paid-for options, AudioAlter offers many of the same extra features as your standard professional program like RX 8.

You’re getting dependable vocal removal software with many of the same sound mixing and post-production features of the industry giants, but for free!

It should be noted that this program does bug out sometimes and it might not easily recognize a dual-track song. It doesn’t work on mono tracks and can be picky about the type of audio it works with. However, it’s completely free to use and is a fantastic starter for anyone looking to try out audio work.


I genuinely cannot get enough of this product. It’s essentially a free version of the best vocal remover programs available and can hold its own in a direct comparison. Some bugs need to be worked out and you might run into some frustrations when a song isn’t recognized, but it’s an incredible software that is completely free to use.


✔️ A fantastic and thorough program
✔️ Many features found in the best vocal removers online 
✔️ Completely free to use every time


❌ Not as quality as some of the best programs

A Quick Buyer’s Guide

When shopping for a dedicated vocal remover program, it’s important to keep an eye out for key features that will benefit you most. For some, having post-production options available or sound mixing features is a must. A vocal remover should be so much more for anyone looking into a production career. For professionals searching for a dedicated vocal remover with believable added features, RX 8 is the program for you.

I would have to recommend for anyone looking for simplicity in their program. Add your song and separate the vocal track with ease – no need to get deep in the weeds with this one.

If you don’t have a budget to spend, then affordability is important. However, even with a free program, you’ll want the best. Both AudioAlter and AI Vocal Remover are fantastic free options that can get you started right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the output file format?

A majority of vocal removing software will export your audio file as an mp3.

How long are files stored?

This depends on the program you use, but most of the ones listed offer free continued storage.

Do subscription plans offer refunds?

Again, this will come down to the specific program, but most will refund you if you cancel before a certain time.

How does one upload a song?

For some of the programs, it’s as simple as dragging the song file and dropping it in the separator. For others, you might have to upload the song and add a filter. Either way, it’s incredibly easy.


Why should I get a vocal remover? What features should I look for in a vocal remover? Which vocal remover is the best for me? Unfortunately, I can’t answer every question as many of these come down to you and what you’re looking for in a vocal remover. What I can say is that no matter who you are – professional music mixer or amateur karaoke enthusiast – a vocal remover will be one of the smartest purchases you’ve ever made. It sure was for me!

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